Project Simply Wall Mural

By January 24, 2015Illustration
Wall mural for project simply


As a brand new office Project Simply digital agency based in Manchester were so excited to start making their new work space more personal and the new office space was offering like a blank canvas ready to be splashed out,  that is why among other tasks of personalisation and customisation of the study they decided to create a wall mural art, so here is a Time-lapse that we have done of the actual process of creation.

They wanted to have something to not get tired of looking at in the first week that’s why we decided to go for something not quite figurative as objects or characters as they will be looking at this wall every day, so I thought that having a Psychedelic style illustration would suite perfect for that purpose as everyone of us have their own vision and interpretation about the illustration, so it is always fun to look at!

Psychedelic Illustration, mural wall

Although we were very happy with original sketch piece and everything was ready to start painting the wall , while creating the piece , some subtle changes were made “live” on the process of creation in certain elements, all to give the full piece a nice flow and style through the whole piece.

So here is the time-lapse video that we created, hope you enjoy as much as we do!

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