Carlos Bernal is an audio-visual artist, graphic designer and Art Director based in Manchester.

He’s works is focused on projections of light in space and it’s influence on our perception generating installations and site specific light sculptures.

While living in Valencia ( East Spain ), Carlos became fascinated with video mapping, Motion Graphics and especially light Installations. He worked on stage design and live Installations for events as Chorlton Arts Festival ( Manchester ), British Science festival ( Bradford ) Enlighten Manchester 2015.

As he’s work evolved, he began to play with structures through the physics of how light can be used to manipulate perceived reality creating site specific architectural projection installation, performances and temporary-permanent installations. he collaborates with artists in a huge range of artistic expressions like dance representations and theatrical performances which allows him to present a creative process each time in different ways.

He’s currently curated by Art-vanguard collective and Curated place.